PT. Graha Bumi Hijau focuses on the tissue paper industry, particularly in the manufacture of tissue paper and converters. We produce jumbo rolls and various finished tissue products. PT. Graha Bumi Hijau is committed to maintaining high quality tissue paper and only produces 100% natural wood fiber wipes. We have a team of highly experienced, competent personnel and high technology to produce high quality tissue paper products such as facial tissue, bathroom tissue, napkin tissue, and towel tissue. This is what makes us committed to making soft, strong, and hygienic wipes under the TESSA and MULTI brands.

Summary of Product Features

Products from PT Graha Bumi Hijau have a characteristic that is soft and smooth. Why? Because the products produced by PT Graha Bumi Hijau have a recipe that uses a mixture of long and short fibers in a balanced way, the resulting tissue is not only soft, but also strong.

    100% Virgin Pulp

    We can ensure that the products from PT Graha Bumi Hijau are 100% virgin pulp, so that the tissue produced by PT Graha Bumi Hijau is more hygienic. In addition, the tissue produced is free from heavy metals usually contained in recycled paper, safe for direct contact with the skin and with food.


    Besides being safer for the skin, converting products from PT Graha Bumi Hijau also have naturally hypoallergenic properties because they can reduce the irritating effect of sufferers of rhinitis, allergies, or on sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic nature is in every piece of tissue produced by PT Graha Bumi Hijau.


    PT Graha Bumi Hijau has always been at the forefront of future sustainability. We started this from using paper that can be accounted for the origin of the tree, using unbleached tissue in super premium products, using bioplastics for packaging so as not to hurt the earth.


    PT Graha Bumi Hijau continues to grow with people around us. From employees, business partners, society and you. PT Graha Bumi Hijau will continue to provide the best quality and innovation to meet the needs of consumers and business partners. From today onward.